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ZooNavigator’s Docker images are configured using environment variables.


default: 8000, available since: 0.5.0, replaces: SERVER_HTTP_PORT
Tells the HTTP server which port to bind to.


default: api
Specifies the host where ZooNavigator API runs.


default: 9000
Specifies the port where ZooNavigator API runs.


default: 10000
Sets the timeout on requests to the ZooNavigator API.
This value is in milliseconds.


If set to true, tells web server to bind to all IPv6 addresses.


available since: 0.3.0
If set, ZooNavigator will use this value as a default connection string and skip the connect form, automatically connecting to listed ZooKeeper servers.


available since: 0.3.0
In addition to presetting connection string as explained above, you can also set Auth info which ZooNavigator will use to authenticate with ZooKeeper during the auto-connect.
Use semicolon (;) to separate multiple entries.